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"I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken"

Ram Dass

I know & appreciate the value of collaborative working. 

As well as being a qualified Hypnotherapist, I have over 18 years experience and qualifications relating to teaching, training, facilitating, and managing a wide range of people, with varying backgrounds; from Youth Centre settings to university MA level. 

If you would like to work with me I can offer the following:

Past Life Regression group sessions

Core Transformation

CPD training

Hypnotherapy Info/Q&A talk

Corporate group bookings

Group Relaxation Sessions

Retreat Session Leader

If there is another way for us to work together that you’d like to explore, then I’d love to hear it! Get in touch by the contact form or via my email below.

I’ll look forward to working with you!

CPD Opportunities with Serena.
For therapist, coaches & practitioners.

Group facilitation & Collaborative Working for Therapists, Coaches and Practitioners

There is a misconception that we can DO IT ALL on our own and that one to one working is the best way to gain more clients and build your reputation within your sector.

Some therapists, coaches and other practitioners feel that the group approach is too much hard work and that all the responsibility rests on their heads.

However, large companies, corporations as well as the voluntary and statutory sectors offering services, know and understand the benefits of a collaborative way of working and the group approach and often serve their clients through these methods.

Through her career spanning over 18 years, Serena has worked with groups in youth, school, university and corporate settings; whilst collaboratively designing, creating and co-producing programmes to meet dual organisational objectives.

Serena has successfully taken this approach to her therapy business and has designed a workshop to demonstrate how you can use this approach to enhance your own practice. 

Download the training brochure for more information!