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Tel: 07535 525 973 

Email: serena@serentherapies.com

"I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken"
Ram Dass

As a Business & Development Manager, in my day job, I know the value of collaborative working. As well as being a qualified Hypnotherapist, I have over 16 years experience and qualifications relating to teaching, training, facilitating, advocating and a wide range of people, with varying backgrounds; from Youth Centre settings to university MA level. 

If you would like to work with me I can offer the following:

Hypnotherapy Info/Q&A talk

Corporate group bookings

Group Relaxation  Session

Retreat Session Leader

If there is another way for us to work that you’d like to explore then I am open to discussion. Get in touch by the contact form below or via my email below.

I’ll look forward to working with you. 

I am a trained hypnotherapist myself , and I have received hypnotherapy from a number of professionals , some of whom have been in practice a long time. Serena is something special! She has the most velvety, honeyed voice, which has succeeded in lulling me into the deepest and most beautiful relaxed state I have ever experienced, sheer bliss!

Nicky Lodge

Serena has helped me in my life immensely, not only with my business, but with my anxiety levels and my self confidence. Serena is a warm and emphatic therapist and I would thoroughly recommend working with her!