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Release yourself of self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours

You are the master, manager, CEO and owner of your life! Take back that control!

I know oh too well about self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours. Like running programmes in the background of our lives, these self limiting believes can hold us hostage without us even realising it! 

Most beliefs have helped us to get where we are in life and often work in our favour.  However, some beliefs go unchecked holding us back and making us feel stuck and blocked, unable to reach our true potential in life.  I reached a level of understanding of my own self limiting beliefs and became conscious of self sabotaging behaviours, that my limiting belief had been running for years! 

These beliefs can kill a dream quicker than any other person can. Once you recognise this and only then, can you start to challenge it and move forward. Listening to your self talk, rewriting those beliefs and replacing them with more positive (truer) ones and becoming more conscious and aware is a catalyst for an amazing transformation in your life.

Those self limiting beliefs can appear to as sensations, images or thoughts such as:

“Oh I don’t know enough of…”

“I don’t deserve….”

“I’m no good….”

“I could never do that…”

“That’s a silly idea! What was I thinking!” 

“No one would ever….”

Sound familiar? These beliefs often start when you are young and impressionable, which is the reason why they stick and are often not realised.

Self sabotaging behaviours can manifest in the form of comfort/over eating, smoking/vaping, procrastination, aversion to certain things, overthinking, perfectionism or staying in your comfort zone. They can result in low self esteem, confidence, poor self image and create anxiety or stress.  

Using Hypnotherapy techniques such as, focused attention, deep relaxation, suggestion and imagery and specific interventions, to first recognise them and see how they have been holding you back in life, to then flipping the running script of your life, can make the impossible seem possible. You’ll see your world from a different perspective and wonder why on earth you let yourself be held back by YOU!

Get out of your own way and start living the life that you deserve. Ready to be free?