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You are a hardworking and driven woman who deserves to have more and be more than you currently allow yourself to be. You have tried many different approaches that have not worked, and you have been close to giving up, but something deep within you keeps urging you to keep trying and that is why you’re here now. Imagine having the confidence to try something new, get out of your comfort zone and leave fear behind you as you step into your higher self. I wonder what supportive beliefs you could write that would end the inner critic that pipes up every time you dare to put a foot out of your comfort zone.

Hi, I'm Serena Bostock a qualified Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Practitioner

You have already taken the first step by understanding that you need to make a change and do something different.

Let me help you the rest of the way.

My journey started after my son was born and I wanted something more fulfilling than just a job. I wanted to do something that I was good at, that excited me and that helped people make a change in their lives. I had reached the higher levels in my most  jobs I took and with each one I hit a ceiling. I had all the qualifications I could possibly gain, but still something was missing. I came up with at least 50 business ideas and rubbished them all! There must be something I had to offer. Then I thought…what did I enjoy doing as a child and what came naturally to me? There is where my story began…

How to get started

Step 1:

Clarity & connection

We will get to know each other during our clarity call and I’ll get a better understanding of  your dreams and desires for the future.

Step 2:

Clarity on your dreams

We’ll discuss your vision  on how we’re going to take back your power. This will help you have a clear vision that will be best for you.

Step 3:

Element choices

We’ll decide what elements of the programme are a must and  you can start getting excited about what you want to achieve!

Step 4:

Dreaming to achieving

With regular sessions to suit you and your commitment to the journey, you will start moving towards your dreams and overcoming blocks to a fulfilling business or career opportunity.

My clients share their

I was amazed at how my life improved within one session! And by the end of the course I was sleeping better, feeling much less anxious, finding joy in life again I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Serena as a hypnotherapist to my friends and colleagues.

The best thing about hypnotherapy sessions with Serena is that you feel the difference immediately. Looking to adjust some behavioural patterns that were forming obstacles in my life, Serena took the time to understand me, guide me through the process, and realize real change within a short amount of time

Family members have commented on how less stressed I seem to be, I am sleeping better and, since starting working with Serena, I haven't had any of the debilitating nightmares that have plagued me for decades.

Some times it takes an external observer to see the natural gifts that you consider the norm.

Of course!  This call can either happen over the phone or online and allows us to get to know each other and check we’re a good match to work together. I’ll then get to understand your dreams and desires and you can ask any questions you like.

The Revive and Thrive therapeutically blended  Programme, has been carefully curated so you can achieve your desires. This is a 12-week programme with a minimum of 12 elements with additional elements to choose from. This ensures the programme is personally designed to take you from where you are to where to want to be. 

I don’t do a hard sell. It’s not my style. So if you want to just have the free clarity call and leave it there, then that’s fine. I give lots of free tips and motivational content via Instagram and my subscriber’s mailing list and I’d love to connect with you there!

I don’t offer a one-size-fits-all. So we can agree on this if you decide to journey with me. The minimum for a session is 60 minutes for you to get the most out of your session. In the Revive and Thrive programme, the 12 sessions are split into elements that are either essential or optional. We’ll decide which elements will be best suited to you.

Not at all. Just bring yourself and any questions you might have.

I have a few options to suit all budgets. This can be discussed during our clarity call.

If you desire it,
You can acquire it.

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