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Solace Candle




Aromatherapy Candles

Part of The Self-Care range by Seren Therapies essential oil aromatherapy Candles and Massage Oils.

For the conscientious and sophisticated shopper, all candles are vegan & made with soy wax with zero additives, toxin & animal cruelty-free, hand poured, and made with naturally sourced products and essential oils.

Solace candle (180g)

This cleansing oil blend  throws off a distinct healing scent to make you smile, helping you clear your mind, reduce tension and have a more positive outlook, as well as lifting your energy.

Your Solace candle (180g) comes in a beautiful, compact apothecary amber glass jar with a gold lid, which you can repurpose, with a cotton wick.

Your essential oil blend to make your distinct fragrance Solace candle includes Aniseed, Frankincense and Pine Needle.

Burn time: Up to 41 hours.