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Opulence Candles Purple Jar




Aromatherapy Candles

Part of The Self-Care range by Seren Therapies essential oil aromatherapy Candles and Massage Oils.

For the conscientious and sophisticated shopper, all candles are vegan & made with soy wax with zero additives, toxin & animal cruelty-free, hand poured, and made with naturally sourced products and essential oils. Seren Therapies. 


Opulence is a luxury oil blend to relax to for some self-care time. Helps lift your mood, balance hormones, whilst encouraging you to relax and breathe deeply with it’s inviting scent.

Your Opulence candle is made of things of luxury with it’s subtle fragrance. Your Opulence soy wax candle come in a dusty purple glass jar 430g, and wood wick; giving the sound of a crackling fire.

Essential oils include Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense & Rosewood.

Burn time: Up to 96 hours