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Past Life Regression With

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that when you wake up you thought it was real?
Maybe you’ve been to a place that has given you a strong sense of deja vu?
Have you been instantly attracted to another person, but don’t know why?
Or maybe you have an unexplained pain, fear or phobia and have no idea why or when it began?

If so, maybe you have lived a past life…

This busy way of life has made us forget ourselves. We’ve become more out of touch and unaligned with our true selves. Past Life Regression can help you find new learnings, understandings, gain new insights, that you can use in your present life. As well as a totally new and unique experience to you.

Past Life Regression with Serena at Seren Therapies, enables you to have a safe experience of a past life, that you have lived before.

Using Hypnotherapy techniques, you will experience deep, calming relaxation. Whilst accessing memories and experiences that are held within your subconscious mind.

Being completely immersed in a peaceful and quiet state, I will facilitate you to have an experience that you could cherish forever.

Also holding sessions for Future Life Progression, both sessions are up to 90 minutes long. These sessions can be held one to one or as a group. Face to face or online via ZOOM/Google Meet/Skype.

Individual and group booking prices can be tailored to suit the group.

To find out more about PLR with Serena contact 07535 525 973 or use the booking form to get in touch.

“I had a Past Life Regression therapy session with Serena. It was wonderful! Serena is very professional and makes you feel at home and really relaxed. Can't wait for my next session. Highly recommended”.
Nicola R
PLR Client

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