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Overcoming Fears & Phobias

Fears and phobias often linger as a result of traumatic or highly stressful experiences. They can have debilitating effects on your individual progress and stop you from doing what you want to in life. Our subconscious mind can replay situations over and over again. As a constant reminder of the pain or suffering we’ve experienced.  Although, fear is necessary in life because it keeps you from harm and helps that survival mode kick in when we most need it. It sometimes can go into overdrive and present to us an irrational reaction that then rules the rest of our life. 

Fears or Phobias such as; fear of public speaking, fear of flying, heights, arachnophobia, claustrophobia, fear of driving and other aversions…can stop us from striving for what we want to in life. It’s all too easy to limit ourselves and our abilities by thinking of what may happen (or what has previously happened), to give up on our dreams, desires and live a life within these boundaries and limits. 

If you have any fears or phobias you know that they can stop you from achieving your dreams, prevent you from seeing the world and travelling if your fear is flying. Your fear of public speaking, could get in the way of going for that career that you so deserve or your fear of driving, can make you one of the worse back seat drivers. 

Using hypnotherapy techniques, fears and phobias can be desensitised or completely eradicated! Giving you back that much needed freedom and control. Whilst helping you move on and get involved in activities or events that you previously shied away from. 

If you’d like to work towards being free from fears or a phobia  book your discovery call now.