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Overcoming stress and anxiety

How Hypnotherapy helps with Anxiety & Stress

Overcoming stress and anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Ilkeston and Derbyshire.

Overcoming stress and anxiety can seem like a never ending battle. One stress stops, another stress begins and heightens ones anxiety symptoms.  Sound familiar? 

Stress and anxiety over the years has risen dramatically and can lead to, low self esteem or confidence, mental health issues, relationship problems, as well as physical problems such as headaches, sickness/nausea, long term absence from work, general ill health due to low immune system or long term chronic health issues, if not dealt with promptly. 

This fast paced way of life has led us to lean on outside factors to ease worries and burdens when we already have the tools to inside us. We have just lost touch! Become distant from not only one another, but ourselves.

The good news is that you’re not alone and there is a solution… Hypnotherapy uses a focused yet relaxed attention techniques that can lessen the symptoms of both stress and anxiety. Letting you take back the control in your life and freeing you from the debilitating symptoms they cause. If you’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety for some years and feel like there’s no way out, there is! 

Hypnotherapy can help by: 

Getting to the root cause of the issue

Release and/or learn new behaviours, thought patters to overcome the stress anxiety 

Finding and utilising your own tools and coping strategies 

Increasing your own confidence in yourself and your abilities again.

I help my clients ease stress and anxiety, by getting back in touch with themselves and enabling them to feel confident in their own abilities, to do just that! Read further to find out how Hypnotherapy can help with stress and anxiety.

If you have had enough of stress and anxiety ruling your life; and you’re ready to be gain back your power and control, then Call Serena on 07535525973 or email to book your discovery call now.