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Body Therapies
by Seren Therapies

Creating space for women to thrive

Body therapies available at Seren Therapies 

Unique new therapy technique available…

 Coming soon…Essential oils only available at Seren Therapies…


Realign your body as well as your mind with this introductory offering from Seren Therapies.

Tending to aches, pains and tight muscles, whilst restoring your body to rest and repose.

A new therapy brought to you by Seren Therapies combining massage and therapeutic suggestion.

You will feel rejuvenated, rested and relaxed as you release blocks, ease pain and restore the bodies natural equilibrium in this extraordinarily unique therapy.

Massage during pregnancy helps to stop the build up of tension, especially In the neck and shoulders, whilst uplifting and revitalising you. 

The massage techniques help to reduce fluid retention in ankles and feet and relieves aches, pains & reduces chance of cramps. 

The oils used helps prevents stretch marks and the massage induces a feeling of well-being, keeping you relaxed and in harmony, preparing you for birth.