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Hypnotherapy to remove blocks in life

Back of womans head.looking out of a small window. Her hands are up on the glass and light is shinning through the window. Showing her feeling trapped.

You’re aspirations have become impossible to reach because you feel blocked or stuck in your life. People who are stuck, often wrack their brains as to reason WHY they’re stuck. Doing this just breeds more frustration and keeps people stuck even more so.

Maybe you have realised that you have low energy, low mood or low vibrations for a while; but cannot pin point the reason for it. Or maybe a significant life event has happened and you haven’t been able to move forward since.

In the past you have been able to get through these things without any help. This is because you’re a go-getter, a high achiever, a resilient person who has overcome so much already. Are you frustrated and have no idea where to turn to next? But somehow you’ve ended up here, on this page…and now you’re curious about how Hypnotherapy can possibly help you?

How Hypnotherapy can help with feeling stuck or blocked in life.

Woman holding heart balloon, arms out to the side. Her face is looking up and she has a wide mouthed mile. Blue sky background. She is expressing joy and happiness of being unstuck.

Using a combination of relaxation, therapeutic hypnotic trance work; we’ll explore your past experience, present and look to your future to get to the root cause. Working with your own unique experiences to uncover the best root for you going forward.

Once the root cause is found we’ll then look to release that energy. This will enable you to move forward.

From here we will instil new behaviours. Using your own strengths, inner power and wisdom to achieve your overall desire.

With this new perspective and insight you’ll have techniques that you can use for years after the therapy has ended.

If you’re ready to become unstuck and unblocked then get in touch with me to find out more information.

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Serena Bostock is a fully trained and qualified Hypnotherapy Practitioner and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register.