Does Hypnotherapy really work? 

In short, yes! Hypnotherapy is a process and with the right therapist, with the correct skill set for you, it can prompt a positive forward step, in your life. Utilising the power of the subconscious mind, combined relaxation to induce a trance like state; Hypnotherapy can work to address a variety of common issues such as: stress, anxiety, IBS, unwanted habits, managing weight, fears or phobias. With Hypnotherapy you could gain a new clarity and focus, leaving you with practical tools to use long after therapy has finished. 

What if I can’t be hypnotised? 

It depends what you mean by Hypnotised. Many people have a certain idea of what hypnotism is and believe that because they are completely aware of what is happening and are able to respond, that they are not hypnotised. Hypnotism is going into a completely natural trance like state, that we enter into on a daily basis. Watching TV, listening to music, daydreaming are all types of natural hypnotic trances…. 

Why do I need a consultation?

My consultation is a 2-way process. It ensures that Hypnotherapy is right for you, by finding out a bit about you, your background and the presenting issue. For you as the client, you can ask any questions, get to know me and the services I offer. 

I don’t like the thought of being out of control. 

Who does?! What is important to say, is that Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are NOT the same. In Hypnotherapy, you are in even MORE control than you are in normal situations.

Is Hypnotherapy right for me

This is a good question! There are contraindications such as certain medications or conditions that may mean that Hypnotherapy, may not be suitable for you. If you think that Hypnotherapy is not suitable because of a contraindication, please speak to your GP, before seeking Hypnotherapy treatment. The consultation process will also highlight any contraindications and you may be referred back to your GP. 

What issues can you assist me with? 

I help women by empowering them to pursue their dreams, goals or desires in life. This could include overcoming common issues such as;

  • Stress at work, stress at home or others stresses in a particular area.
  • Anxiety issues. 
  • Feeling of being stuck or not knowing what direction you go.
  • Taking control and gaining clarity in their life.
  • Low self esteem or low confidence.
  • Self limiting beliefs 
  • Weight management 
  • Stop smoking or other unwanted/bad habits.
  • Fears or phobias.

This is not an exhaustive list. I will work with clients around many issues. Get in touch if what you want help with is not listed here.  

How can I access sessions? 

I have clients worldwide and offer sessions using online platforms such as Zoom and Skype, I offer home visits within a certain radius and have available therapy space in Nottingham and Derbyshire. We can discuss which option is best for you. 

What can I expect in a Hypnotherapy session?

You can expect the session to be, flexible, relaxed and completely focused on you. Each process will be explained beforehand, so you know what is expected of you and the goal for using that particular method. 

Who do you work with?

I work with adult male or females aged 18 and above. If you would like Hypnotherapy for a minor,  please get in touch and I can discuss the necessary route for you and your child. 

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend entirely on your situation, budget and the goal that you’d like to achieve. During the consultation I will discuss with you your treatment goals and the amount of sessions that may be suitable to you.

How much will the sessions cost?

Hypnotherapy package and hourly session rates are available here.  Rates are payable 7 days before your first session. Discount rates are available if you’d like to take part in The Radical Rest ending November 2020. Click here for more information