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What Basic Attributes, Could Help You Achieve Your Dreams?| Journey Towards Positivity & Self Belief

Drugs, Sex & Rock ‘n’ Roll…. …are unfortunately not the answer to you living your best version of yourself, reaching self belief and ultimately the success you want and soooo deserve! Cheap ploy? Sorry! Well it’s not the sexiest subject and I had to get your attention some how! But what is then?! I hear you cry?! […]

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Chain of events…

Chain of events… Welcome Monday!  Over the weekend a chain of events happened to me, which I believe will lead me to something even more awesome! I don’t know, but I’m majorly excited. Anyways, let me explain… So I have been having huge doubts lately about my abilities; if I know enough, or am I expert […]

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Mother dearest…

I used to absolutely hate Sunday’s, mainly because it was the end of the weekend and signified the upcoming working week. Now, I love Sunday mornings! Waking up with my hubby, boy and Binx the cat and lazily making our way downstairs for breakfast. Today is an especially nice one, as I have a close friend visiting […]

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Being an Opportunist to Achieve Your Dreams |Towards Positivity & Self Belief

Being an Opportunist to Achieve Your Dreams |Towards Positivity & Self Belief Opportunist  “ a person that would take advantage of a situation for the betterment of themselves regardless of morals, principles or damage it could potentially cause to anyone else involved. An act that is unplanned and just reveals itself at the perfect timing […]

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