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How I Got A Promotion|Alignment Is The New Hustle Course | Journey Towards Positivity & Self Belief

How I Got A Promotion | Alignment is The New Hustle Course | Journey Towards Positivity & Self Belief *Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links to which I may receive compensation for that results in obtaining a benefit with no cost to you. Welcome back to my blog! I know it’s been a while, but […]

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Poetry by Kachell

Different Being different seems wrong at times to people because society is the same But being different from others shows that you want to be someone different from the rest of the world Different is unique Different beautifulDifferent is powerful It shines out when you’re in a crowd of the same    Embrace  Embracing the person that you’re becoming.Embracing […]

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Living Limitlessly – Challenging Self Doubt & Self Limiting Beliefs |Positivity & Self Belief

 This is the 1st blog, of a series of blogs I’m going to publish over the next couple of months and they will focus on the main steps and experiences in my journey towards positivity and self belief that have aided me in achieving my dream. I don’t like to be overly prescriptive about things and […]

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Facing the Fear to Achieve Your Goals|Journey Towards Positivity & Self Belief

I take a seat; the lack of tremble of my hand, the serene look upon my face portrays confidence, stillness, professionalism. Whilst my head overloads with thoughts of negativity, trying to activate my flight mode in the face of my fear;  “It’s not good enough!”  “You’re nuts! You’re going to look so silly”  “It’s doesn’t […]

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