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Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used to reprogram your subconscious mind. It is a technique often used in online therapy and can be an extremely effective way to change negative thought patterns and behaviours. Read to find out how!

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How Hypnotherapy helps with Anxiety & Stress

How Hypnotherapy helps Anxiety & Stress   The world as we know it has changed (for now) and we’re all learning new and different ways to live the best way that we can. Plus, with the best will in the world, good intentions, sending positive vibes, manifesting hard; no one in the world could have […]

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The Radical Rest Study

Want to get involved in a Hypnotherapy study and achieve your goals at the same time? Then get involved in the Radical Rest Study with Serena at Seren Therapies. Discount applicable. All your questions answered here….

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What Is REAL Success in Life?

As we get older, I think that we review our lives and what we really want from it. Understanding that superficial things no longer feed us the same way they used to. Our hopes, dreams and desires become more grounded and earthy. For me, I have concluded that you literally internalise your experiences in life which shapes your external reality. This is done on a conscious level of course and more often than not on a subconscious level.

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