About me

Welcome to Seren Therapies website…

Serena Bostock, is a fully trained and qualified Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Practitioner; and she is affiliated to the General Hypnotherapy Register.

As well as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner, I work as a Business and Development Manager for a Community Interest Company (CIC). Our mission is to ensure vulnerable people have a say in the services they receive. 

Over the past 16 years I have taught, facilitated, supported or guided people of all ages and backgrounds through difficult situations in their life. Enabling them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach their true potential. I will continue to assist people through personal challenges, using my expertise gained over the years, through Hypnotherapy. 

Using a Mindfulness approach to Hypnotherapy, with NLP techniques, Serena specialises  in;

  • Helping clients overcome  self limiting beliefs.
  • Relieving work-related stress, as well as specific and general stress         and anxiety.
  • Helping people overcome their fears and phobias.
  • Guidance in breaking unwanted habits that inhibit your dreams                  and future aspirations.

So Why Hypnotherapy?

13 years ago I had a car crash, which started a new chapter in my life. When I emerged from my overturned car, unscathed, unharmed, but a little shook, I was told that…. 

” YOU must have someone looking out for you!” 

I replayed this incident over and over again in my mind over the years, trying to uncover the lesson that I was to learn from it. 

I moved on with my life, with a new found respect and gratitude, only to realise  in recent years,  that the lesson itself was to do exactly that!

To slow down….Take note….Appreciate…Look around….and think about what it is that I REALLY want to do in life….. 

Along with this new outlook of life and my interest in the human mind and behaviour….led me to a career in Hypnotherapy. 

I am convinced that this fast paced way of life has been engineered in a way,  that distracts us from the real power we have within. In this lifetime where everything is accessible 24/7, I see people struggling with trying to find a sense of self, not knowing what is correct for them and being in a job or carer path that they do not enjoy. 

Like so many people, I went with what I THOUGHT I should be doing, rather than trusting my own judgement and inner wisdom. That is until…..I recognised my own self sabotaging behaviours and began to address them. 

With Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and NLP techniques, I empower women by guiding them  to their own inner wisdom, so they begin to align to their true purpose, whilst easing the symptoms of today’s world.

If you would like to feel empowered to pursue your dreams, you can have   a FREE consultation. To find out more about this process go to the Hypnotherapy FAQ’s.

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