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Everything You Need To Know About Past Life Regression.

Many of us will have wondered at some point in our life, is this our only life? Is this it? We move through life, with all its opportunities, challenges and everything else, and then we die? 

Is this really all that there is? Atheists and many ardent scientists will tell you that this is the case. 

We are born, we move through life, and then we die. 

On the flip side, many spiritual philosophies will disagree with this mindset. In Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age and many more, there is a belief that we live many lives and reincarnate. 

I firmly believe in reincarnation and that each life we move through is a Spiritual Lesson with a greater Spiritual Purpose, which we can become somewhat aware of through meditation and Past Life Regression. 

In this article, I will outline what Past Life Regression is, how you can visit past lives and the potential healing effects of becoming aware of a past life. 

What is Past Life Regression? 

Past Life Regression is when you intentionally step into a Past Life via guided meditation. And by Past Life, I mean lives you lived before the one you currently live. 

You can do this alone or work with a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist. If you are experimenting with Past Life Regression for the first time, I recommend working with a professional or using guided material recommended by individuals you trust. 

There are no real dangers with Past Life Regression, but our minds can still be fragile, so working with someone you trust and know well in this area is essential. 

Many people unknowingly “plant” stories in your mind during the session, and then it does not become genuine Past Life Regression because they taint the experience with their words. 

I would also recommend that you are in a good state of mind when you try out Past Life Regression because if you are not in a healthy state of mind, reaching the calmness required to step into a Past Life will be very challenging. 


Why are we not initially aware of our Past Lives?

Many people often ask me why are we not initially aware of our Past Lives? Why do we have to do Past Life Regression in the first place? 

This is an excellent question, and the answer is simple. As Spirits, we travel through time in groups. In one life, your wife will be your sister; in another, she will be your worst enemy.

How would you feel if you knew that your current wife was not particularly pleasant to you in another life? It doesn’t have to, but it could have detrimental effects on your relationship. 

In addition, each life we move through is a Spiritual Lesson and being aware of what we have gone through before may not be helpful because we might be repeating a lesson we did not complete in a previous life. 

What happens at a Past Life Regression Session?

A Past Life Regression session can last anywhere from 15-minutes to an hour. 

To open the session, the therapist will ask questions about why you are here and explain what Past Life Regression is. 

Afterwards, they will use a Past Life Regression Meditation script to induce a relaxed state where you can travel to a Past Life. 

Depending on their approach, they may or may not ask you questions during that relaxed state. Afterwards, you and the therapist will discuss your experience to analyse what showed up for you. 

Do not worry if you do not see anything the first time you do it. Your mind may need some training to open up to this new vibration.

Ensure that you work with someone you trust and feel safe with – feeling safe and secure during the session will help you go deeper.  

The Healing Effects of Past Life Regression

So far, I have discussed what Past Life Regression is, how you would visit one and why we do not initially remember them. 

The healing effects of Past Life Regression can be marvellous. Most of us are unaware that memories, experiences and events can spill over into this life from a past life for one reason or another. 

I have come across many examples of this happening, and here are a few. 

One individual I came across could never go to bed hungry. In his life before this one, he always went to bed hungry because he was poor. His relationship with food transformed when he became aware of this with Past Life Regression. 

A lady I know well always used to be afraid of dogs. A qualified professional guided her through a Past Life Regression only to figure out that she was killed by a pack of wolves in her previous life. Afterwards, her fear of dogs went away. 

Another woman I am aware of suddenly began to struggle with intense arthritis. After finding no other solution, she went to see a Past Life Regression Therapist. During the sessions, she found out that she was a cleaning lady in her life before this one and, through hard labour, developed stiff hands. Straight away, when she saw that memory, her arthritis in this life immediately healed. 

So as you can see, the healing effects of Past Life Regression are potentially far-reaching. Not only for physical ailments but also for the mind. 

I have not experienced anything similar myself; however, what I have gained from exploring Past Life Regressions are a greater spiritual understanding of the continuous cycles of life and confidence. 

I have seen in Past Lives that I have struggled before and found my way through, which means I can do so again. 

I believe that becoming aware of past lives has created a sense of inner calm that no other practice would provide. 

About The Author 

Tor Njamo is a Psychic Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Educator. He is also the Founder of Esoteric Studies Insitute

The institute offers one-to-one Psychic Tarot Reading, Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Learning Experiences. 

Spirituality has been a part of his life since childhood; his grandmother was a clairvoyant medium, and he has sat in a Psychic Development Circle since 2013.

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