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Radical Rest Study RESULTS!

The study commenced from June 2020 to October 2020. During the Radical Rest Hypnotherapy study participants were offered 5 x 1 hour Hypnotherapy sessions (with the 5th session free of charge, as an incentive to get involved in the study) to work with a particular issue of their choosing and which presented as appropriate to treat with Hypnotherapy. The Participants were offered one session per week on a specific day, to promote consistency and a better opportunity of a positive result. 

Participants were from the UK and America and all sessions were carried out over Zoom. Promotions were done to gather interest through social media and The Radical Rest informational and FAQ’s blog post. 

Participants identified a wide range of symptoms that they wanted to work with below;

  1. Low mood 
  2. Severe anxiety issues around a particular situation  
  3. Mild anxiety symptoms 
  4. Low confidence 
  5. High stress 
  6. Feeling irritable around specific issues 
  7. Intrusive thoughts 

For the purpose of this study similar symptoms were grouped together and some symptoms were generalised for anonymity.  

The clients also had been experiencing these symptoms from 3 months to over 5 years. 

The following MYMOP2 form was used to capture symptoms and ratings as pictured below.

Questions were asked around those particular issues and clients scored as follows: 

Main Specific Symptoms - Before any Hypnotherapy intervention

In between sessions participants were asked to do a particular task/s that were identified and agreed in session that would help them towards their overall goal of reducing their specific symptom. 

Participants were also asked to update on any issues outside of session that could possibly affect their progress towards their goal. 

MYMOP2 Follow up form used as pictured below at the end of session 5.

Main Specific Symptoms - After Hypnotherapy Intervention

The participants’ symptoms towards a specific goal in Hypnotherapy were improved; with the total shift being moved towards being improved overall and the lower scores identified. See bar chart below of before and after Hypnotherapy treatment of specific symptoms. The Mean was taken for the Mild Anxiety and High Stress results in order to present the results on the bar chart. However, the table below shows the individual results.


BH = Before Hypnotherapy

AH = After Hypnotherapy

The Radical Rest Study Results

This indicates that the Hypnotherapy intervention in the private practice of Seren Therapies showed significant improvements after the 5 sessions of those particular symptoms. See table below. 

The highest shift being -5 points and the lowest shift being -2 points. 

Overall 99.9% of clients left Seren Therapies Hypnotherapy Practice with a measured  positive improvement of their symptoms after Hypnotherapy intervention.

Table of Results

Participants also made the following comments:

“Serena made my sessions extremely relaxing. She provided me with tools to work on my anxiety, which I must say have worked. Her soothing voice and caring nature helped the process. I strongly recommend her services to anyone”

“I love her approach to each session and could tell she listened intently and learned of areas to work through together. A couple of weeks after finishing and I’ve taken those practices with me, to help me in times of need”

“I was amazed at how my life improved within one session! And by the end of the course I was sleeping better, feeling much less anxious, finding joy in life again (even with the spectre of Covid-19 hovering over our shoulders), and being less self-critical.”

“Family members have commented on how less stressed I seem to be, I am sleeping better and, since starting working with Serena, I haven’t had any of the debilitating nightmares that have plagued me for decades.”

If you want to find out how Hypnotherapy could help you contact Serena on, 07535 525 973 or visit Seren Therapies website and directly book your free 30 minute one to one 

Read the blog post How Hypnotherapy Helps Stress & Anxiety here!

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22 thoughts to “The Radical Rest Study RESULTS

  • Lori Bosworth

    I would love to have one-hour hypnotherapy sessions as I am feeling anxious about our very noisy neighbour.

    • Serena Bostock

      Dealing with anxiousness can be very frustrating and debilitating. I have experience of being anxious myself. Hypnotherapy is great for treating anxiety and stress, as other studies have also proved. I’m happy to offer the free one to one so you can find out more! Just get in touch:)

  • Dominique

    Those are cool findings. Are the researchers doing follow-u to see how long these improvements last? I am curious about how this goes over the long term. There are plenty of people to who this might be of benefit to.

    • Serena Bostock

      Thank you! I felt it important to prove the effectiveness of my own Hypnotherapy practice. That is a good point actually! I am thinking about running another study to celebrate and mark one year of Seren Therapies and will include a 6 moth follow up!

  • Michele

    I would love to do this and to see what the lasting effects are. I am sure it would be nothing but positive.

    • Serena Bostock

      It sure would Michelle! Just drop me a line and I can see how I could help you.

  • Ramil Hinolan

    I am really not familiar with hypnotheraphy. I hope you can discuss more about this.

  • Ivan M. Jose

    Those are wonderful results. I never realized that hypnotherapy can be so beneficial to one’s overall health.

    • Serena Bostock

      Absolutely! Part of my mission is spreading correct knowledge on Hypnotherapy and how it can help. Thank you for helping me do that!

  • Polly

    Based on the findings, I would like to try hypnotherapy myself as I often experience a high amount of stress due to work and feeling irritable from time to time.

    • Serena Bostock

      Hi Polly! So happy that my study has given you a positive insight into how Hypnotherapy could help with stress and feeling irritable. Thank you for your comment!

  • Crickette, The Things I Have to Say

    I think this would be very good for my mom. My sisters and I often think she’s at the end of the line with her stress and overall mood. She’s quite irritable and overly pessimistic. I’ll talk to my sisters about this.

    • Serena Bostock

      Sorry to hear about how stressed your mother is. I, myself use Hypnotherapy to create positive self talk and to relieve any stress symptoms and I give my clients the tools to help them long after therapy. Just give me a shout, if you’d like my assistance.

  • Rochelle

    Hypnotherapy is definitely an interesting field, I’ve always struggled with anxiety and mood disorders and I love trying new things. These finding are so good

    • Serena Bostock

      It is fascinating! I do hope you look into Hypnotherapy and find out how it could help you personally 🙂

  • aisasami

    I have never heard of Hypnotherapy before but it seems like a great technique to reduce stress and anixety. I love how you included a study to show the effects.

    • Serena Bostock

      Thank you! It is so important for me to spread awareness. Thank you for your kind comment.

  • Sally

    Those are interesting study results. I have never used hypnotherapy before.

    • Serena Bostock

      Hypnotherapy is fabulous.I think everyone should at least have one session to experience it’s effects.

  • Anne

    Would love to try this Hypnotherapy session to ease my Post natal depression, glad to bump into your site and learn more about this.

    • Serena Bostock

      I love that I have raised awareness of Hypnotherapy! Yes I urge you to try! Give me a shout if needs be.


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