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How Hypnotherapy helps Anxiety & Stress


The world as we know it has changed (for now) and we’re all learning new and different ways to live the best way that we can. Plus, with the best will in the world, good intentions, sending positive vibes, manifesting hard; no one in the world could have expected this year to turn out the way it has done! The way I see it, you could look at this pandemic in a negative light; Mounting pressures, more responsibilities, less fun and more restrictions. Or you can look at it in a positive; you have had more time to reflect, think about the things you miss with more appreciation, having gratitude for the small things, getting to know your family better, notice where you would like to make improvements in your life…

Yes the world has changed, but so can you! With a world focused so much on darkness, issues, problems, and negativity. I am here to shine a light into that darkness and pave a way for a new way of living.  Yes, *Stress levels have risen and more people are experiencing anxiety, which we can no longer ignore. This is the real pandemic in the world right now….but what is anxiety and stress? 

What is anxiety and stress? 

Firstly, it is best to look at these two separately to begin with.

Stress is how you react to the stressors in your life. The stressor/s are the activity/situation /event that can cause you stress. Normally stress ceases after the situation has passed.  Stress is part and parcel of life and is impossible to be eradicated. But what we CAN do is learn how to cope with the stressors better.

Therefore, anxiety is a prolonged experience of stress, that can involve a physiological response in the body. Anxiety is normally present long before or after the stressor has passed and is the body’s response to stress. Anxiety and stress can knock out the mind and body alignment. When you experience anxiety or stress, depending on the severity, the body can go into it’s natural fight, fight or freeze response. This can be triggered before the mind has had the chance to realise what is happening.  Not managing your stress effectively, can shift the body into a never ending state of survival mode. If our ancestors were being chased by a lion, this is when the fight or flight response would kick in! Helping us to escape the fate of death. 

However, we are less likely to be in situations such as this and the body can have similar responses when we feel threatened. This can happen in situations, such as taking an exam, when presenting or public speaking, when we’re feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, when in social situations and so on… Taking over other areas of your life, until anxiety is present as soon as you awaken. Leading to self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, inner conflict and an unsupportive inner critic. All anxiety enhancing issues.

My own experience of suffering from a short spell of anxiety has given me a personal insight into how crippling it can be. Maybe like mine, it creeps in at night? When you are overly tired and exhausted from the trials and tribulations of the day. You begin to drift off into a beautiful slumber… Welcoming that escape from the day…your body so relaxed and then it begins….  

Did I respond to my bosses’ email? 

Why did she look at me like that when I was talking?  

Did I do a good job of that presentation? Did people understand what I meant?  

Will I be able to meet that deadline? What if I don’t? 

Will I get pulled up in my supervision? When is my supervision? 

I never rang my friend! I bet she’ll hate me! I’ll call her tomorrow. Should I text her now? 

Then come the hot sweats, the palpitations, the tossing and turning for what seems like hours. With the worry of getting enough sleep setting in. 

Or maybe your anxiety is with you all day starting in the morning when you open your eyes. You think about the day ahead and there’s a dull, heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach, with the sense of dread just around the corner. 

So, you may find yourself withdrawing from activities you used to enjoy. Or maybe you’re snappy and irritable with your nearest and dearest. Or is your anxiety more internalised, and become part of your inner critic? Giving way to an onslaught of criticism and self-loathing. Crippling you from doing, being and going for what you really want to. And you’re here now because…. 

You can’t stand this anymore. 

Tired fed up of feeling like this. 

You no longer want to live like this.

You are ready to live the life that you deserve. 

Anxiety symptoms are ruling your life and you’re ready to be free of them.

The desire to enjoy your life more outweighs, the fear of anxiety and stress.

You know that there must be another way to live! 

Any of this sound familiar? Once you have reached this point in your life: you are ready to do what’s necessary to deal with it. 

The benefits of using Hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress 


Either way you look at anxiety or stress, they are both the body’s way of signalling to you that it needs help. You know the saying “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness.”  

This implies, there is a preventative measure, which there is!  

Hypnotherapy can help by getting the body and mind back in alignment with itself. So the mind and body are no longer at war with each other and they get back to working together in harmony.  Shifting that trapped energy that is stuck in the body, so it can be released and relieve the symptoms that anxiety keeps the body stuck in. 

Take back your power: People with anxiety, often talk of how bouts of anxiety and stress, would take over their whole day or even longer. Leaving them feeling drained, overwhelmed and powerless.  Through Hypnotherapy people can learn techniques suited to their individual’s circumstances. So they can swiftly take back the power over stressful situations in minutes.  

Improve confidence: Indirectly, people can leave the therapy feeling much more confident about themselves. Having feeling positive about finally dealing with their anxiety and stress. As well as improved confidence in their ability to deal with upcoming situations.  

Unearth the root cause: Most who are anxious or describe themselves as a worrier, do not want to be that way. They are also often frustrated as to why they are like this. They may have been that way for as long as they can remember. Or past experiences, have paved the way to respond this way in similar scenarios. A good Hypnotherapist, can help you navigate the “why.” Because once you know the reasons that you respond, react in this way, you can then deal with that and move on.  

Improve self care with relaxation: The Hypnotherapy techniques that a therapist uses, allows a more calmer and more relaxed disposition. Inside and outside of the therapy. Even if they only have 1 minute to spare! Approaching a problem more relaxed and calmer, can help people to see things clearer and logically. Trying to solve and the process itself is anxiety inducing.

Well-being are often the least thing that people invest in. It’s not uncommon for people to experience breakthroughs, life changing progresses, leading to a much more positive life. Through learning relaxation techniques to suit, is a skill you then have for life! Relaxation, allows you to release the tension and relax in ways that you didn’t think possible.  

Take an observer seat in your life: Taking the observer perspective of the behaviours, triggers and reactions, without judgement is something that we all have the skills and abilities to do. However, it’s not uncommon to spiral in a never-ending cycle of thoughts about situations and experiences that have not yet happened. Hypnotherapy can give people the skills to observe themselves. With that information the person can then modify their own behaviours and reactions accordingly, which moves me onto my next point… 

Staying in the present: Life is indeed different now and ever changing from one day to the next. I’m sure most of us have got caught up in living in the past or future, which then brings on the worry, which can then trigger anxiety. Staying in the present moment can be challenging, but truly is where you will find satisfaction, peace and contentment. Focusing on the positives in your life right now and appreciating the life that you have created for yourself, gives freedom from worry and stress. This is because we are normally living in the past or future when anxiety or stress are triggered.  No matter what, there are always things to be appreciative of and have gratitude for even if you can’t see them; your therapist, will help you see these. 

Letting go of what you cannot control: Therapists can will help navigate through stressors in life. Discussing each one and understanding if the stressor  is something that you can actually control or not. And if not, what other ways you can approach the problems within your power.  

Activate your higher self: Your higher self is that one who thinks of witty comebacks after an arguments. Who knows the answer to that question your boss asked at the meeting, hours later! That part of you, that when in your joy just knocks out the best artwork, article and comes up with amazing ideas.

Everything you need is in you! 

I strongly believe that by tapping into your higher self, those resources, skills and abilities that you already have, hold the key to continuing personal development as well as dealing with specific hurdles in your life. Learning how to relax, why you respond in certain ways, releasing and learning new ways going forward, frees up the mind, so it can work much better and efficiently.  

Better quality sleep: After Hypnotherapy, people often report back on better sleep quality, which in turn gives them more energy, a better focus and a happier disposition. 

Increase in energy and focus: The energy and focus you were using on stress factors, when released, can now be used elsewhere. You may find that you have more energy and feel better, and are able to focus on the things that you really want to focus on.  

Positive mindset: Having a more positive outlook in life can dramatically reduce the anxiety and stress symptoms, as you gain a new perspective on the problems you face. Not to confuse this with a blindly positive approach! Positive mindset is also allowing the emotions to surface and having the ability to let them go; feeling down whilst knowing that this low feeling, will come to an end.  

Improved well-being: Having a more positive outlook to life, means that your general well-being will improve. Aligning that mind and body connection. Using the Hypnotherapy techniques passed on by your therapist, and including these in your overall self-care, will help you manage the stress and anxiety symptoms going forward.  

How does Hypnotherapy Work? 

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to induce a trance like state, which is a completely natural and safe occurrence. We slip in and out of trance whilst, reading a book, driving, watching television, working or daydreaming…

Whilst in this natural trance like state, the therapist uses this to gain insight into the behaviours that people want to change by accessing the subconscious mind. Taking a holistic approach and delving deep into how this behaviour manifests and working towards the persons image of  their ideal self, is how anxiety and stress symptoms can be dissolved and managed better.  

In Hypnotherapy the mind is thought of as two parts; the subconscious and the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is where all our values, behaviours and beliefs are held. Sometimes to a point where the individual is not completely aware of what they are. The conscious mind is where the memories, thoughts and feelings that are accessible instantly. In Hypnosis the therapist, will work with the person to change the unwanted behaviour to that which they wish to be. Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind, which is often critical, analytical and resistant to changes and gives access for the therapist to instil positive and solution focused suggestions, so that the client can deal with anxiety and stress in a more wholesome way. 

After gaining insight, this allows your therapist to tailor sessions to suit, to empower a positive change using suggestion and imagery. If identified and as necessary, the therapist will then look to help you understand the behaviour and why you do that. They can then move on to help you release that stress, anxiety, behaviour, that has been holding you back and relearn and replace that emotion, behaviour, so that is no longer an issue in your future.  

Giving you the power to carry on with your life, with stress and anxiety being less of a factor, so you can concentrate on manifesting those goals important to you, the dreams that you really want to achieve to align to your purpose.  

To help you gain back the power in your life by overcoming your stress and anxiety, I have put together a specific programme called The Radical Rest – Anxiety and Stress Relief.

If you have had enough of your power being taken by stress or anxiety and you want to address it you can get involved in the Radical Rest and I will record your journey before, during and after therapy. As a thank you for letting me document your therapy journey you will be entitled to a free session when you book the 4 x 1 hour Hypnotherapy package

The Radical Rest Programme

Starts: Monday 19th October 2020 

Finishes:  Monday 30th November 2020.

Please quote Radical Rest when booking your free 30 minute zoom consultation.

Until next time…

Sessions held worldwide over Zoom or face to face in Derbyshire, UK.

See what is said about Hypnotherapy with Serena at Seren Therapies – Testimonials. 

*Office of National Statistics 2020, 



38 thoughts to “How Hypnotherapy helps with Anxiety & Stress

  • Maritime Meg

    I’ve never actually looked into hypnotherapy before, and it never really crossed my mind to help deal with stress and anxiety. I am one of those people that lie awake sometimes and think about all the things that I was supposed to do – or can’t remember if I did or not – or just worry in general. This could really help me navigate this and let go of some things. Your post is super informative and I think I’m going to keep looking into this. Thank you so much! 💜

    • Serena Bostock

      I think it would really benefit you to try Hypnotherapy. Most people think they have to live with the symptoms you described, but you really don’t! Hypnotherapy works with you on your level, in a way that suits you. You’d be surprised with what you can achieve. Thanks for reading!

  • Casey

    Not sure I’m into this because I never try hypnotherapy. Maybe one day I’ll try it.

    • Serena Bostock

      Most people haven’t and it’s still seen as a bit of a taboo subject. However, it is completely safe and just working within natural states that you do through every day. I think everyone should at least try Hypnotherapy, once in their lives. You will not regret it!

  • Luna S

    Interesting post, I’ve heard this can help a number of issues but I have never really looked into it. Thanks for sharing all of this.

    • Serena Bostock

      It can! You name it! Hypnotherapy can probably help! Unwanted behaviours, bad habits, negative mindset, stress, anxiety, feeling stuck or blocked, insomnia, depression, pain…the list is endless!

  • Michele

    I never thought of using hypnotherapy to treat anxiety or stress, but I definitely see why it would be so useful. I will have to keep this in mind.

    • Serena Bostock

      Honestly Michelle, it’s the perfect option and so person centred, which is key!

  • Kenneth

    according to doctors,,enough rest,proper diet and regular exercise reduce anxiety…need to be positive at all times…express yourself in a proper way….socializing with others will help too…

    • Serena Bostock

      Oh absolutely. All those things help, however, some deeper work is required and this is when Hypnotherapy is the perfect option. Drs are limited in what they can recommend. They are General Practitioners (GP’s) therefore, do not have in depth knowledge about everything.

  • Mary

    I have had anxiety my entire life. I’ve never tried hypnotherapy, and I learned a lot about it from this post. Thanks!

    • Serena Bostock

      Thank you! Most people do not think about Hypnotherapy and I’m glad I have brought this to your awareness as a possible option for you.

  • Lyosha

    I don’t think it should be something you might even concider first but it might be a great way if everything else fails.

    • Serena Bostock

      Absolutely. Most people try Hypnotherapy when everything else has failed. In my opinion it should be first choice as the focus is on YOU and how YOUR anxietyor stress manifests. This way is much more effective than say medication.

  • Maysz

    Wow this is so nice hypnotherapy has a lot of great benefits that can help for people have anxieties and stress. All people stress nowadays because of the pandemic. Nice post!

    • Serena Bostock

      It really has. It taps into the power and resources you already have, so you can control or eradicate anxiety symptoms.

  • Marjie Mare

    This pandemic has increased the level of anxiety of everyone. Sharing a way to treat it is so welcome.

    • Serena Bostock

      It really has and I have already a lot of my clients overcome anxiety or cope with it much better.

  • Ting and Things

    Thanks for sharing the Hypnotherapy package. I’ll definitely look into it.

  • Zoë

    I didn’t think I suffered from anxiety but I do identify with a few of the points you listed. I will look into the company you recommended – thank you.

    • Serena Bostock

      Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety and the thoughts you’re having are getting in the way of your life or are unwanted, then Hypnotherapy could certainly help you. Yes,please do (it’s my company:)) but most importantly, you must find a therapist that you feel you can get on with.


    I wonder if this will work on me? I super love the idea of hypnotherapy and the pandemic has really affected my mental health. It’ll be nice to on understand more of my myself so that i could i dont know? Work on becoming better mentally?

    • Serena Bostock

      Hypnotherapy encourages you to find your own ways to relax and more importantly, you do get to know yourself more! It brings a higher learning and awareness into your life…In therapy people often say they can handle stressful situation much better and anxiety does not have such a hold over their lives. I offer a free 30 minute consultation if you want to find out more….Email me at

  • siennylovesdrawing

    very useful & informative sharing here as I have learnt much more about hypnotherapy towards helping with stress, thanks! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  • My Kitchen

    I discovered I had anxiety the day I went for a TV interview,it was really horrible,the bad experience made me join a lot of anxiety groups on Facebook. Seeing the battles people go through every day breaks my heart. I have discovered a way to lower mine.

    • Serena Bostock

      It is heart breaking to watch people suffer with anxiety or any behaviour they deem debilitating. This is why I have put this offer together to help people overcome anxiety and manage stress. Thanks for reading!

  • Kevine

    This is interesting, I’ve never heard of hypnotherapy as a method used to help with stress and anxiety. But hypnosis is a mental state of basically fooling the mind to think something else or behave a certain way so it could possibly work.

    • Serena Bostock

      I completely agree that it is helping the client achieve a mental state they desire, by working with suggestion, NLP and accessing the subconscious mind to change unwanted behaviours. Tricking? Not so much. Not in Hypnotherapy, no trickery is involved. The client brings the issue/problem they want to change and we work with them to make it happen focusing more on the desired solution. Thanks for your comment!

  • Simon Starchevsky

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful alternative to medication, as my fiance suffers from crippling anxiety on and off. I will share this information with her and hopefully it will be as successful as expected.
    Thanks again.

  • Fransic verso

    We get too many questions but this treatment is interesting and from your article it really worth trying. Thank you for sharing!

    • Serena Bostock

      It is definitely worth a try!! If you have any questions, please do get in contact.

  • Anne-Kathrin Walter

    Such a great read when you are highly sensitive! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Nkem

    This was a very useful post and clearly written with passion. I like the idea of taking an observer seat in your life a lot. It’s what I try to do when I feel uneasy or not aligned in a situation. I try to be objective about my situation and that actually helps.

    • Serena Bostock

      Thank you! I am passionate about people knowing that they have a choice to actually deal with and learn about how and why their anxieties and stress manifests in their life. Too many people walk around in a trance of disempowerment; Hypnotherapy helps turn that trance into one of empowerment.


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