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By Kachell Morris 

It’s that time of the year again where we sing praises

For they have brought us through another glorious year

Let us flow for we shall grow in the new challenges we may face

Let us walk into the new year with a focused purpose

And don’t allow the fears of failure to block us

Let the fears of failure bring cheers knowing it’s not the end but a new beginning of a beautiful year

If you don’t give yourself a chance you will never know you can

It’s not a option but a choice which your voice can overcome the fears of challenges for you shall rejoice

Never try to fit in the circle but out shine so you can be in the front line Being who you are created to be and the purpose you came to accomplish so stay in line and shine your beautiful light

Blessed new year


17 thoughts to “Grow

  • Serena Rogers

    Great reminder of being intentional and taking control of our own destiny. Wise words from a young intelligent woman, who’s going places! Thank you for this lovely insightful addition to my site!

  • Jessie Adams

    Wow was this very inspirational and so beautifully written! I will be sharing this!

  • Luna S

    This was beautifully written and it is perfect to start the year off with reading.

  • Prakhar Kasera

    Beautifully crafted with a nice message. Loved reading it.

  • Nursery rhymes girl

    Beautifully written. I wish I can write like this..

  • Megan

    Very inspirational. My favorite is “if you don’t give yourself a chance, you’ll never know you can” – words to live by! Take chances and enjoy your new beginning!

  • Rachel

    Lovely words, it’s really hard to be authentic in this world so this was encouraging!

  • Magen

    Beautifully written and very inspiring.

  • Carriann

    Great read. Very well written. Keep it up.

  • Joanna

    We should always have goals and work on ourselves, to become better people and to develop our skills. Life is all about learning and growing, we can never settle on what we have, we should always want more.

  • Ivan at

    Enjoyed the read! Beautiful post and very inspirational! Just good food for thought!

  • Mike A.

    Inspirational stuff! Hope you have a blessed year, too!

  • Samantha Smart

    This is truly inspirational. I feel like we are held back from our true potential because of our own fear: change, failure, thoughts of our peers, etc. Be Bold. Be Brave.

  • Lulu

    Very inspirational post. I always say “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

  • Suanlian Tangpua

    Beautiful writing, very inspiring! This kind of post is what I need to read from time to time.

  • Lily

    Great post about growing into the new year. It’s month two and I hope we all grow more and more where we water.

  • Faisal Rehman

    Very well said, got my eye!
    It’s not a option but a choice which your voice can overcome the fears of challenges for you shall rejoice


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