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G.O.A.L.S Simplified| Towards Positivity & Self Belief

Growth for me fits into the long-term goals that I want to achieve and it also allows flexibility in those plans to achieve them. I have already added a few extras to my theme, without a pre-made plan. They just kinda fit! Ya know what I mean?
I’ve been researching a lot lately, reading more and following lots of inspirational, positive accounts on Instagram, which have really helped me. Some things stick with you, others you completely rubbish and others, you just read at the time you needed that pick me up or reminder.
One of the quotes that stuck with me said that successful people work towards their goal on a daily basis. Such a simple analogy, but it made me think of my own goals and question whether I was doing this or passively wishing and hoping for a miracle?
My lifestyle allows me to only work on my overall goal sporadically, not only that, but when I feel inspired also; for me, it’s the best way I work. However, on reflection I am doing something towards it on a daily basis and my mind does not think of anything else, any ideas I get depending on where I am or what I’m doing get either written down or voice noted. So, nothing goes to waste. Additionally, all the little steps that I take are relevant and assist me in my greater goal and I need to remember that, so this is where I came up with this;
GROWTH means challenging yourself to change for the better, aim for the things you once thought were not in your reach and believing wholeheartedly, that you can do it. Therefore, you take up or seek out OPPORTUNITIES that will help you towards your greater aim, which means you are more likely to ACHIEVE greater things. This will increase your own LEVERAGE to heights beyond what you have been before, as you are opening yourself up to believing in your own abilities to dare to go for your dreams which ultimately equal SUCCESS! G>O>A>L=S
What do you think?

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