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Chain of events…

Welcome Monday!
Over the weekend a chain of events happened to me, which I believe will lead me to something even more awesome! I don’t know, but I’m majorly excited. Anyways, let me explain…
So I have been having huge doubts lately about my abilities; if I know enough, or am I expert enough to be able to even write about anything ever, would people even read what I have and also am I good enough writer? Blah! Blah!
You are your own worst enemy right?! It doesn’t matter how much someone tells you you’re great at something or how many compliments you get or pats on the back you receive, unless you truly believe in yourself; you’ll never be convinced.
I’ve been having these doubts…I’ve joined groups relating to my interests and Facebook with it’s algorithms, adverts and cookies have obviously seen what I’ve been clicking on and engaging with. So I come across this woman who claims to have all the secrets to you being as successful as she has been. I think “What the heck!” as long as she doesn’t ask me for any credit card details, it can’t be all bad right! So I sign up to get this free webinar… I’ve been on these things a couple of time lately and I’m learning a thing or two about the marketing behind them, but lets put that aside for one minute… This webinar is happening in the next 2 minutes, which is lucky for me, as I cannot guarantee any free time for a 1 hour webinar with an over active 2 year old in tow!
So, this webinar goes live… and she tells me exactly what I need to hear at that moment in time. That when she started she knew nothing, she had no PHD’s or credentials to the subject she was wanting people to engage with her in, her education is no higher than college and yet here she is with a successful business. I sooo needed to hear this at that exact moment in time! It’s like she was talking directly to me! Of course she wanted me to sign up to her life changing course for a small sum of £500, which was a 50% discount, but I’d gotten what I needed and to boot, a new idea that would help me in the future!
It got me to thinking about my website…I had been going back to it, tweeking it here and there for almost a month. I’m not quite sure what I was waiting for; but it wasn’t quite ready. This new idea however, had forced me into action. I needed to publish my website…something I had feared so much! But I needed to!
And I did it! I honestly do not know what I had been waiting for but I did it! I’m pretty proud of it too. I can now tick that off my list and get onto the next one! Now, if people need to know more about me and my abilities, I can just sign-post them to my site, no long winded intro’s, it’s like my virtual CV!
I am now in talks with someone to walk collaboratively on a blog post! This will give me some experience and possible leverage, plus it’s helping a good cause which is what I’m all about.
Seriously! Watch this space!

Thanks for reading. Any feedback/suggestions is always welcomed!

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