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I used to absolutely hate Sunday’s, mainly because it was the end of the weekend and signified the upcoming working week.
Now, I love Sunday mornings! Waking up with my hubby, boy and Binx the cat and lazily making our way downstairs for breakfast.
Today is an especially nice one, as I have a close friend visiting me and the hubby has decided to shove the overtime at work.
What a beautiful morning it is and it makes me reflect on all that is good in my life.
This picture of my mum and I, sits in my home office and it depicts our relationship perfectly.
Our relationship is more like sisters and at times we bicker like sisters too. Because of my mums’ youthful aura and appearance, that is what most people assumed our relationship was.
She drives me nuts and I’m sure I do her. But one thing is for sure, she can always rely on me and I can do her and I wouldn’t have it any other way….
Who do you appreciate in your life?