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It all started with this statement. She Believed She Could So She Did |Positivity & Self Belief

Life is only understood backwards….
I’ve never read a truer statement and I am a time in my life where I am reflecting on my life and learning from it to better my future…
People I’ve met, jobs I’ve had, decisions I’ve made and challenges I’ve faced in my life are starting to make sense only now… You ever had that realisation of “Can you imagine if I took that job…or made this decision or stayed at that place…?” You understand the implications and importance of some of the paths you took and what would have happened if you did or didn’t do something…I dunno about you, but I think it’s pretty amazing! Such is life!
I found this statement and made it the screen saver on my phone (since I’m always looking at it!) to remind myself when those doubtful voices try to creep into my subconsciousness, that it is all down to me and my self-belief.
So far, my journey of self belief, positivity, and reflection has been eye opening. It all started with this statement….

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