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Being an Opportunist to Achieve Your Dreams |Towards Positivity & Self Belief

“ a person that would take advantage of a situation for the betterment of themselves regardless of morals, principles or damage it could potentially cause to anyone else involved. An act that is unplanned and just reveals itself at the perfect timing of an individual to exploit”
This definition makes you think of a cruel, unkind and selfish person, who looks to gain at the expense of anyone who tries to get in their way. You picture a person lurking in the dark ready to pounce on the opportunity about to reveal itself for the taking…
However, I see myself as an opportunist and looking back, I always have done. I see an opportunist as never turning down a challenge or passing up on an opportunity that would possibly aid you in the future, even if (and at times it did) it completely took you out of your comfort zone, made you wince at the idea of it or cause slight anxiety; because you know at that point is when you’re about to achieve something you have never done before or that you never thought you would. It promotes growth…
Therefore, I am redefining the word “Opportunist” to include the more positive angle of the actions it implies….
I will continue to take on new challenges that present themselves…
I will continue to be taken from my comfort zone
I will continue to say “Yes, I’ll have a go at that!”
I will continue to seek out opportunities as and when they arise
I will continue to identify when an opportunity presents itself
I will continue to be an Opportunist…

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