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Seren Therapies, offers worldwide Hypnotherapy via Zoom and face to face sessions in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Creating Space for women to thrive!

Hypnotherapy helping you to embody self confidence & renew your self esteem, so you can go to live a life you love. 

Change, Grow & Transform.

Serena Bostock - Hypnotherapy Practitioner

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Creating space for women to thrive!

Hypnotherapist helping hardworking, driven women to renew their SELF BELIEF and achieve heightened CONFIDENCE using my HPNOTHERAPY and NLP Blended Bespoke Programme, so they can live a life they love!

Through my bespoke Hypnotherapy Programmes I offer a person centred approach to help you rediscover your own natural abilities, skills and talents to overcome issues in your life; whilst also giving you the tools to be able to deal with future challenges with ease.

Using Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques suited to assist your individual issue, you’ll be guided through a transformation that can last a lifetime. 

Qualifications and credentials:

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Practitioners Diploma – Accredited by the NCP and GHR.

I am a registered practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

Trained specifically in Stress management, Core Transformation and Past Life Regression. 

I am a Course Tutor for Mindworks Therapy Training.

As well as fully insured with Holistic Services Insurance. 


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What is Hypnotherapy?

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming? And almost, snap back to reality? Have you ever been walking along texting and nearly walked into a person or object? Or maybe you have got so caught up in a film; that you don’t hear what the person next to you is saying?

If so, you have already experienced an hypnotic like trance…

The hypnotic trance is purposely utilised in Hypnotherapy, to gain access to the subconscious mind to produce the desired results.

When you are at your most relaxed and comfortable is when your mind can also be at it’s most focused and alert. 

This is the beauty of hypnotherapy…

ChristineHypnotherapy Client
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I'm grateful for my sessions with Serena. We worked on my anxiety, overwhelm and perfectionism. I'm happy to say that I am calmer, less stressed and have a new 'go with the flow' attitude. I know the tools she gave me are always in by back pocket when I need them. (July 2021)
Nicola Raynor
Nicola RaynorPLR Client
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I had Past Life Regression therapy session with Serena. It was wonderful! Serena is very professional and makes you feel at home and really relaxed. Can't wait for my next session. Highly recommended. (March 2021)
SukhiMother & Daughter Hypnotherapy Clients
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It was so lovely to meet you Serena. My head feels lighter and calmer. I'm going to try and keep that vibe going all day. Sometimes I find it difficult to keep her (daughter) quiet and she remained still and focused, so your sessions are definitely good for her. Take care and god bless you for the fantastic work you're doing because a lot of people really need this in these strange times (April 2021)
S from Nottingham
S from NottinghamHypnotherapy Client
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I don’t know what it is but since we had that session it’s like I’m fast forwarding on moments that used to effect me and waking up in events where I’ve achieved something it’s craZy! Xxx (Feb 2021)
Sam Costello
Sam CostelloHypnotherapy Client
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The amazing atmosphere is heightened by Serena's personality and calming voice, a real nice treat for a person that wants to have a spiritual experience with outstanding professional woman, that has a powerful ability to make you feel safe and free. (Feb 2021)
LLB, Nottingham
LLB, NottinghamHypnotherapy Client
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Thank you so much Serena for the work you have done for me through our hypnotherapy sessions. I initially came to Serena with issues around visibility and social media. I had set up a small business and was finding it difficult to promote my business by posting on social media platforms. This had caused self-doubt and had an impact on my self-confidence. I ended up booking 5 sessions with Serena, and not only has she helped me with my issue of visibility, she has helped me to find the root cause of my fear and anxiety which I have struggled with at times in my life. This has helped me in my life immensely, not only with my business, but with my anxiety levels and my self confidence. Serena is a warm and emphatic therapist and I would thoroughly recommend working with her!
SJCHypnotherapy Client
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I finished a 9 week course with Serena about a month ago. I was a bit nervous at the start of the initial 5-week programme, but I needn't have worried. Serena's calm approach, soothing voice and sensitive intuition helped me relax and get the most from the sessions. Family members have commented on how less stressed I seem to be, I am sleeping better and, since starting working with Serena, I haven't had any of the debilitating nightmares that have plagued me for decades. Serena has equipped me with tools and techniques to handle situations which I might previously have avoided and has taught me to manage extremes of emotions, to calm myself and R E L A X..... The mind is a powerful thing, I hope to continue to work with Serena in the safe, professional supportive environment she creates. This has been life-changing for me. (November 2020)
AngelaHypnotherapy Client
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I recently had a course of five sessions with Serena and I was amazed at how my life improved within one session! And by the end of the course I was sleeping better, feeling much less anxious, finding joy in life again (even with the spectre of Covid-19 hovering over our shoulders), and being less self-critical. I enjoyed the sessions with Serena very much and looked forward to them each week. She is immediately welcoming, she has a warm personality and is very kind. As our sessions were via Zoom it was important to me that I liked the practitioner’s voice in my headphones. I was not disappointed – Serena has developed a great Zoom style and has a very comforting voice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Serena as a hypnotherapist to my friends and colleagues.
RhiHypnotherapy Client
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The last few weeks have been much needed with Serena. More than I could have known at the time of coming across her Instagram page. Serena opened doors of safe and warm places inside of me during our 5 week sessions. I love her approach to each session and could tell she listened intently and learned of areas to work through together. A couple of weeks after finishing and I've taken those practices with me, to help me in times of need. Thank you' (September 2020)
MarthaHypnotherapy Client
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The best thing about hypnotherapy sessions with Serena is that you feel the difference immediately. Looking to adjust some behavioral patterns that were forming obstacles in my life, Serena took the time to understand me, guide me through the process, and realize real change within a short amount of time. The power of hypnotherapy can only be really reached when working with a therapist such as Serena who made it possible to reach that state of mind I was looking for. (August 2020).
DBRHypnotherapy Client
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I'm writing this testimonial on Behalf of Serena. I have had the privilege of receiving services of Hypnotherapy with Serena. I had 5 sessions that went by too fast. Let me start by saying that it was a wonderful experience. Serena made my sessions extremely relaxing. She provided me with tools to work on my anxiety, which I must say have worked. Her soothing voice and caring nature helped the process. I strongly recommend her services to anyone that has ever doubted in Hypnotherapy. Thank you, Serena for helping me with my anxiety! Much success in your therapeutic business.(July 2020)
Karen E
Karen EHypnotherapy Client
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I went to see Serena during a time when I was lacking in lots of confidence.. it was becoming more and more detrimental to how I was living and balancing out my home and work life..she helped me to truly relax and rebuild my inner confidence and to see everything from a better perspective. Serena is so calming with such a beautiful voice. Thank you so much Serena I’m truly now living a more balanced and happier life. (June 2020)
Rob Griffin
Rob GriffinD.Hyp
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Such a joyful experience... I was lucky enough to train with and receive hypnotherapy from Serena for quite a few issues I had. I enjoyed every second of her reassuring, understanding tone that guides you to a place where wonderful things are possible. Serena helped me find my 'wise inner mentor' which was a beautiful experience and still makes me smile today when I think of it. Thank you so much Serena. (July 2020)
Nicky Lodge
Nicky LodgeB.Sc (hons), Ph.D, P.G.C.E (neuroscientist research fellow, teacher and hypnotherapist).
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I am a trained hypnotherapist myself , and I have received hypnotherapy from a number of professionals , some of whom have been in practice a long time. Serena is something special! She has the most velvety, honeyed voice, which has succeeded in lulling me into the deepest and most beautiful relaxed state I have ever experienced, sheer bliss! Serena is a wonderful, compassionate person. She has helped me enormously with work anxiety, stress and phobia. She is knowledgeable about a range of therapeutic techniques and she is an expert at choosing the right treatment to support clients with a wide range of individual problems. If you choose Serena as your therapist, you can be sure of a deeply comforting and relaxing experience and skilled intervention for your individual needs. (May 2020)
StephanieHypnotherapy Client
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Serena is a natural! Her voice is incredibly relaxing and the practices that she has used with me have been beneficial. She is flexible and able to think on her feet, which she did to tailor a session on the spot to suit me, with no prior warning. Serena is a wonderful listener and is empathetic and I am sure that anyone who uses her Hypnotherapy service, will benefit greatly from her expertise. Thank you ever so much Serena, for introducing me to "The Power of Hypnotherapy" and I wish you every success in your new career.(May 2020).
RobertHypnotherapy Client
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As a Dad to a demanding 3 year old and having just set up as self employed, I had to overcome a few issues get to the next level. Serena skilfully helped me to relax and gave me some tools that I could call upon in between sessions also. Thanks Serena. (May 2020)